Animal Art by Callie

Welcome to my gallery! I work with acrylics, watercolors, and pencils. I enjoy painting a variety of subjects, but animals have always been my favorite theme and are my specialty. I have lived with and cared for many different kinds of animals for the past ten years and have become not only familiar with their movement and structure, but also with their various habits and playful antics! I have drawn them ever since I was able to hold a pencil and particularly like the life and personality they bring into my work. If you would like to commission a painting or a pet portrait, please contact me.

corgi water color

Boston Terrier, Done in acrylic

corgi water color

Belgian Tervuren, Done in acrylic

corgi water color

Mixed Breed, Done in acrylic

corgi water color

Tri Color Pembroke Corgi, Done in acrylic

spaniel water color

English Springer Spaniel, Done in acrylic

arabian water color

Arabians, Done in acrylic

arabian pencil drawing

Arabian, Done in Pencil

red and white coegi water color

Pembroke Corgi, Done in acrylic

corgi pencil drawing

Pembroke Corgi, Done in Pencil

All the images on this page are copyrighted to Callie Smith, you may not use them for any purpose, without my written permission. 2009